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       SmartCross™ is an easy crossbreeding program that shows commercial producers how to get to the profit center of the beef industry. Gelbvieh Alliance data since its inception in 1994 has shown that the most profitable blend is Gelbvieh and British genetics. With this in mind, SmartCross™ explains how to get to that most profitable blend.

       SmartCross™ also shows producers that already have a blend of Continental x British in the cowherd how to stay in the center using Balancer bulls. Balancers™ are registered seedstock that have registered parents on both sides (click here to learn more).

       "SmartCross™ resulted from a need that the American Gelbvieh Association saw for an easy-to-understand crossbreeding program," says AGA Executive Dire ctor Don Schiefelbein. "The beef industry demands a blend of Continental x British, but no one had an easy plan for the commercial producer to get there. SmartCross™ is that plan and shows how Gelbvieh can be used to find that profit center in the business."


Apparently It’s Not Working
Why the beef industry needs to return to more
continental influence in commercial beef production.
By Wayne Vanderwert, Ph.D., American Gelbvieh Association Executive Director
        There is no secret in the fact that British cattle, Angus in particular, have captured a large share of the commercial cattle industry’s seedstock needs over the last 10 to 15 years. This is not meant to be an Angus bashing; they bring a lot of things to the table for commercial producers, and they’ve done an admirable job of marketing their breed. But the continental breeds, Gelbvieh especially, also possess traits that play an important role in profitable beef production.

        If there is a bone to pick in the matter of Angus dominance, it is that somehow the concept of a well designed crossbreeding program seems to have gotten lost.

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